Stay tuned… VRT Web is available soon.

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Stay tuned… VRT Web is available soon.

Over 7,000 reflexologists worldwide are currently trained in VRT, having attended authorised , while simple self-help VRT tools can be easily and quickly used for beginners.

GDAL can make efficient use of overviews available in the sources that compose the bands when dealing with RasterIO() requests that involve downsampling. But in the general case, the VRT bands themselves will not expose overviews.

VRT that multiplies the values of the source file by a factor of 1.5

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  • VRT that adds 2 (or more) rasters

    So far we have described how to derive new virtual datasets from existing files supports by GDAL. However, it is also common to need to utilize raw binary raster files for which the regular layout of the data is known but for which no format specific driver exists. This can be accomplished by writing a .vrt file describing the raw file.

    MaskBand: (GDAL >= 1.8.0) This element represents a mask band that is specific to the VRTRasterBand it contains. It must contain a single VRTRasterBand child element, that is the description of the mask band itself.