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In walking dolls, as now commonly made, the legs are mounted in the lower part of the body on axes which are normal to the planes of the leg openings. Since these openings are usually not in the bottom of the body but are between the bottom and sides, they lie at an angle to the horizontal and the leg-mounting axes are correspondingly slanted inward and upward. This causes the legs, and particularly the feet, to move between their forward and backward positions along arcuate paths, with a resulting awkward and unrealistic elfect. The mechanism disclosed herein overcomes this defect and has other desirable characteristics.

We all love to share. If you have photos and information pertaining to these lovely Artisan Raving Beauty Walking Dolls, please fill in the form below to "Show and Tell" your favorite early Walking Doll. We all have interest in how they were located, the use of materials in their clothing and anything else you would like to share with other avid collectors.

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1951 Saucy Walker doll Photo courtesy ebay seller littlemarz

1951-1957 Ideal Saucy Walker doll, 16" or 22" tall, all hard plastic, walker type doll with a pin jointed body and a grill in her tummy (with or without crier), wig, sleep eyes, open mouth with two teeth or closed mouth, some dolls have bent knees, too and the Saucy Walker doll came in a black version, doll marked: Ideal Doll W16 or Ideal Doll W22 based on the dolls height. Saucy Walker dolls were also available through Sears.


In 1954 Ideal made a 25" tall doll that was called Saucy Walker's Big Sister doll, doll marked Ideal Doll W25, the Big Sister doll looks very similar to Saucy Walker just larger, was a mail-in premium from the Chicago Daily Tribune.

In walking dolls, as now commonly made ..