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Pathfinder Wall Panel by Anatex


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If you run a doctors office, auto dealership, busy lobby that entertains children, hospital, or any place where children congregate we have entertaining and educational solutions. Our Playscapes and AnatexWall Panel Toys don't take up much space, can be cleaned with soap and water and will keep kids occupied for great lengths of time. All of our Anatex Wall Panel Toys and Playscapes Wall Mounted Childrens Toys are guaranteed to be sold at the lowest online price.

Wall Panel Toys are excellent daycare toys. The is a favorite. Other popular Wall Panel Toys are the Spinmazer,, Pathfinder Wall Panel, and the.

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Wall Panels and Wall-Mounted Toys are ideal for waiting rooms, homes or childcare facilities with limited floor space. Securely mounted to the wall, these Wall Panels and Wall Toys will naturally attract children and provide lots of curious fun. Create the perfect play space and keep children entertained, while they learn eye hand coordination, fine motor skills, logical thinking and fostering interactive play. Group several wall panels together to design a play space with a multitude of activities.

Our Wall Toys facilitate a passive style of play! There are no loose pieces to go missing and there are no messes to clean up! Since we have the children's attention, let's educate and entertain them while they wait. Please remember that children are customers too.