Walmart Summer Clearance Event TV Spot

Metro 100% Cotton 6-piece Basic Towel Set (Green)


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There are some HOT Walmart Clothing Clearance Deals available today! A great way to save money on clothing is to buy the clothing that is going on clearance for the season. For kids clothing it’s great to buy a couple of sizes larger so you have it ready for when that season rolls around again. For instance, grab some of these summer deals that are on clearance now, just buy a few sizes larger so they will fit next summer!

These Walmart Clearance Deals on Clothing are going fast, so grab these great deals while you can. To shop these great Clearance deals, just click the link above and then click on the ‘Apparel’ Tab! Below are just a few of the great deals you will find!

Walmart Clearance Haul 1.00 items

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  • Walmart Summer Clearance Event TV Spot

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    This is not even a taste of the items Walmart has clearanced out. They have 528 pages of awesome deals just waiting for you to grab at a steal.