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All of Nickelodeon's networks and websites will go dark from 12-3 p.m. (ET/PT) on Sept. 24, and Nickelodeon and its partners will host a celebration of play on the Ellipse in Washington, DC, offering physical activities and games for kids and their families to encourage active and healthy lifestyles. Worldwide Day of Play is part of Nickelodeon's The Big Help health and wellness efforts, which include grants programs, public service announcements, websites, games and more.

Toronto, Canada - For the first time the will ‘shut down' from 12-3 p.m. (EST) on September 24, in honor of Nickelodeon's eighth annual Worldwide Day of Play initiative, which encourages kids to go outside and play. While the site is inactive, the Webkinz hosts and characters will be shown having fun outdoors on the home page. When members log in after 3 p.m., they'll receive a virtual healthy snack for their pets.

Webkinz!!!. . HD Wallpaper and background images in the Webkinz club.

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Lucy: I talked with my son and wife briefly about your question last night– It seems our kids are spending most of their time on websites that are commercial. My youngest does play with frequently, which is free / open source, but Club Penguin, Webkinz, Travian, and GirlsGoGames are their favorite destinations. Starfall is also a favorite for my 6 year old. I have their common web destinations linked from .

My kids just saw your post as I was looking at my Facebook feed. Henry is almost 7 and Julia is almost 11. Julia wanted to know how do you know that Webkinz is about making money; she was surprised to hear this as I haven’t spent much time, believe it or not, discussing the economics of such sites. Henry thought the whole money thing “wasn’t nice”. We want to know what sort of activities your kids recommend that don’t involve paying lots of money?