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Wilton 2105-0607 Dimensions 8-Cavity 3D Skull Pan, Mini


Wilton Skull Cake Pan Skull Cake Pan

First, you’ll bake the cakes in the Wilton skull pan (available in Jo-Ann Fabric and craft stores) . The pans surface was a nice nonstick surface- but I generously greased it anyways.

I have been waiting all year to use my wilton skull pan, and I LOVE it! The skull is covered with fondant, and dusted with cocoa powder and black color dust. I was too lazy to make royal icing to glue the skull halves to together, so I just drove a dowel through the whole thing since I was stacking it anyway. Fingers are fondant too, with chocolate ganache drips.

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waiting all year to use my wilton skull pan, and I LOVE it