What a cool idea! I need to make a wish list!!!

Wish List


to download a PDF version of our Wish List, or see below.

Kid’s almost always know exactly what they’d like to find under the tree come December 25th, writing a wish list for parents is a great (and really) fun way to make the christmas present shop easy.

We’ve designed a free downloadable and printable wish list (below) that kids can fill out, ready for parents, guardians and teachers to send off to Santa!

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  • An online wish list is a type of wish list that is hosted on the Internet.
  • Hi the link to the Christmas wish list download is not working.

    This year I swore that when that question came up I would be prepared and I am. Everyone in our family has one of these Wish List Printables and one for family gifts. When the kids see something they want or need we add it to the Wish List. Christmas and birthdays will be a breeze now and we are not sitting around twiddling our thumbs wondering what to give them.

    These lists could also help you save money because your not buying toys, clothes or games that your children (or husband) don’t really want. If they put it on their wish list they must really want it right?