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It may be a little tough to do dishes while wearing your Wolverine gloves, but they would certainly be nice to reach that itch in the middle of your back. If these were only retractable they would be so much more fun.

Allie from Freshly Completed shows how she made these awesome wolverine claw gloves for her son’s Halloween costume. They’re fingerless gloves with long wolverine claws sticking out from the back of the hand. When he forms a fist, the claws are pointed out ready to strike. They’re made entirely from felt which has the body needed and is also an easy material to work with. Her tutorial includes a free pattern for the claws. .

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    A bunch of weaponized gloves based on various superheroes exist, including ones that and ones that . Then there’s this new Wolverine glove, which fits over one’s hands and wrists and ejects pointed claws on command. That’s nothing new. What is new is how you control it: by flexing your muscles, which causes the claws to pop out and presumably make some bad guy’s day a little less productive.

    With the Wolverine WN246 High Performance Mechanics Remodeling Work Glove you're going to get the best protection short of an armored gauntlet. (The Wolverine glove is much more comfortable.)This glove's synthetic leather palm allows you to get a grip on the ro ... () #.