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Craftsman Constantine Fedorets learned his love of wood from his grandfather, a furniture maker who taught his ten-year old grandson the art of woodworking and instilled in him an enduring love for the beauty of wood. Carrying on the trade, Fedorets started his own company, Ugol Woodworks LLC, located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island’s historic mill district. As , “The pieces you will get in working with Constantine are not something that can be replicated and help to make a unique design statement in your home.” donations will make it possible for the Ugol wooden baby bassinet to pass federal safety standards and occupy a special place in the homes of modern families who want furniture that becomes a legacy for their children.

The inspiration to make and market wooden baby bassinets came in 2009, when friends awaiting the birth of their first child asked Ugol’s Constantine Fedorets if he could design and create a bassinet for their baby that wasn’t ugly. Rising to the challenge of craftsmanship and friendship, he came up with the sketch and prototype for a bassinet that met his own exacting standards of beauty but would also provide a cozy, safe, sleeping area for the infant. The portable, convertible bassinet is made of durable hard wood and comes with ample storage space.

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In those days, handcrafted furniture that was meant to last didn’t end up in a yard sale or a flea market; instead, it was treated like the family inheritance that it was. Ugol Woodworks, with its wooden baby bassinet, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to restore the tradition of furniture meant to last for generations.

The Ugol wooden baby bassinet can only be funded if a minimum of $110,000 is pledged by Thursday, April 24; make your pledges early, because the deadline is 10:39 am EDT. Donation levels range from $1 to $3000 or more. In exchange, donors can receive thank you postcards illustrating the Ugol Baby Bassinet; silkscreen tee-shirts; extended maple shoe horns with either a clear coat or red cherry finish; green maple wooden cuff bracelets; walnut, cherry, or white oak romance candle stands; or beech/mahogany coffee tables. Wooden rewards created by Ugol woodworkers are offered for donations of $28 and up.