Alphabet Picture Wooden Blocks, 26 modern letters toy

Melissa & Doug Deluxe 50-piece Wooden ABC/123 Blocks Set (colors may vary)


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We manufacture and sell classic, school size wooden unit blocks for children made of premium American Hard Maple in 54 different sets. We sell Open Stock in 95 individual shapes. We sell alphabet blocks in 31 languages and variations, we sell craft cubes and parts for hobbyists, and we sell block stock for those who want to make their own. Our hardwood blocks are completely free of noxious chemicals and are tested by an independent laboratory to conform to CPSIA and CPSC rules in regard to chemical and mechanical safety. These children's blocks and other blocks toys provide a lifetime of pleasure for youngsters who like to build things. You can buy a whole set, you can add to a set you already have, or you can buy one piece at a time. We sell superior wooden blocks of the finest material in an exceptional range of shapes and sizes.

We welcome you to enjoy the quality of Vermont Wooden Blocks. Currently sold in kits that illustrate a specific structure, the things that can be built are as limitless as a child’s imagination. Smaller kid’s sets can create sturdy structures for toys and creative play, while larger classrooms sets can encourage groups of children to solve the complex issues of engineering furniture and forts.

` This listing is for 6 unfinished wood blocks

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  • ` Can be used to create wooden block sets or large dice

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