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Ready to Assemble Wooden Swing Set. Cedar Wood Swingset, Climbing Wall and Sand Box. Wood Swing Set SALE !!!! 2 Swings, Chalk Wall and More. Heavy Duty Wooden Swing Set includes 10YR Warranty.

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I admit it. I have a bias toward the old wooden playgrounds, but just look at this place! It’s not more than a small, shady neighborhood space, but just look at those crazy configurations of wooden posts. They rise out of the ground into little cubic mounds like an old video game and thick planks criss-cross the landscape making it perfect for an old fashioned game of dirt, but low rise enough for intrepid preschoolers to enjoy. The layout of the space is in an L-shape. In the middle, the wooden theme is continued with little rings around a small garden space and a plaza of game tables and some benches. The other arm of the L is more traditional, but older metal and plastic commercial equipment with some standard tunnels and slides. A tiny grove of trees on the far end makes for a nice spot of secret spaces. Both my kids love this place and it’s easy for me to see why.

Children's wooden Playground series "Hut Corsica" Packed in corrugated carton: 24 places.

Frame playgrounds made of multilayered laminated pine lumber thickness h, Hm, floor, fence made of pine with a thickness h, Hm, supplemented by elements of high quality environmentally friendly three-layer plastic.

Install a children's Playground is on a level surface free of vegetation.

1 year Guarantee

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Detailed Play helps parents install affordable, safe, and durable wooden swing sets along with top quality playground equipment swings and slides for their children. Since 1998, families are choosing our plans, complete kits, and individual play set components and getting the satisfaction of creating a special and fun place to play and learn while saving around 50% off the cost of pre-built wood fort playgrounds. Build a backyard swing set comparable to high end sets, save money without sacrificing safety, features, or quality.
Right here on our website and in our free printed color catalog you'll find Detailed Plans, Fort Swing Set Kits, and Playground Equipment Accessories that you'll need to build, enhance, or maintain a very special playground - the one in your childrens backyard.
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Children's wooden Playground "Bremen" Packed in corrugated carton: 6 seats + slide. Frame playgrounds made of multilayered laminated pine lumber thickness 85mm, floor, fence made of pine with a thickness of 17mm. Install a children's Playground is on a level surface free of vegetation. The Playground is not less than 4.55 m x 7.1 m. Recommend to fix the design using anchor any form.

1 year Guarantee

Children's wooden Playground-ship "gonna" for cottages and private houses are designed for children 4 to 9 years, creates conditions for physical development of the child, developing coordination, overcoming the fear of height, agility and bravery, a sense of collectivism in the mass games.