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Description Of Item: Everyone with a lick of horse knows Woody and Bullseye are the best crime fighting team in the Wild West! Save the day with these poseable action figures, which include Woody;s removable cowboy hat and a push tail for kickin' action! Collect them all!

Toy Story 3 Full Movie HD Video Game Part 1.
This is funny game from Disney Interactive Studios for kids.
This is first part of Gameplay from toy story 3 Video game.
We are playing as Woody and saving people from angry aliens, angry piggy and defeating some other Obstacles.
Game starts with woody and Bullseye , his Faithful

Woody and Bullseye Candy Dispenser

"Will Woody and Bullseye land to safety? Can they reach Jessie and Stinky Pete in time? Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion: 'Woody's Finest Hour!'"
—Announcer, at the end of the episode

Yay! You're now following woody and bullseye in your .

During the next to the last episode, the Prospector and Jessie are trapped in an old abandoned mine. Jessie decides that they get out of the mine, but Prospector, wanting some light to find his gold, lights a "candle," which, to Jessie's knowledge, turns out to be a stick of dynamite that will blast them to smithereens. Jessie then calls to the critters with her yodeling and tells them to scurry off and get Sheriff Woody. Meanwhile, Woody has nearly finished building a new schoolhouse with help from Bullseye. Just then, the critters reach Woody, and he learns that Jessie and the Prospector are in danger, awaiting his rescue. Woody mounts Bullseye, telling the horse to "ride like the wind!". As Woody and Bullseye run off, Jessie tries to fan the flames out, then the Prospector tries to smother it out by jumping on it, but burns his bottom instead. Woody and Bullseye then jump over the Grand Canyon as the announcer calls for the end of the episode.

Woody and Bullseye decide to throw an old pigskin around. Bullseye might not be a dog, but he sure acts like one. All because he is a horse doesn't mean he can't play a game of catch with an old friend. This cute little clip played during the Toy Story intermission back in October during the double feature. During the intermission movie goers were treated to trivia, Toy Story shorts, and fun facts for 15 minutes before the second movie started.

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