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OK, so maybe the two games are different: the letter "H" is worth four points in Scrabble, and only three in Words With Friends. And Words With Friends positions bonus squares in a diamond shape, while Scrabble's are placed in an X-type thing. But still, the essence is the same, and we'd like to hear from fans of the mobile app and traditionalists alike — will Scrabble be replaced by the Words With Friends board game? Or will the classic stand the test of time against its social media counterpart?

Zynga's social games have 227 million monthly active users, with 14.9 million monthly active users on Words With Friends alone. Hasbro is counting on that sizeable group to make these new products successful. And the possibilities inherent in this partnership are almost staggering: Words With Friends the board game, Lego-esque FarmVille playsets, Zynga Poker card game sets, CastleVille the RPG from the creators, and even MafiaWars action figures.

Classic Zynga: The Words with Friends Board Game.

  • Words with Friends Board Game – This amazingly popular app has turned into a bonafide board game. Now instead of playing against my son or husband in another room, we can play together at the same table! What a concept! This game is sure to fly off shelves if it does even a fraction as well as it’s iPhone counterpart.

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It's no wonder that the Words With Friends Board Game is being touted as one of the most as its been staggeringly popular in the virtual world. I know at least 10 people who are definitely going to be interested in getting a copy of this for their homes, I know my wife will be very interested!

So the idea behind the Words With Friends Board Game is really quite simple, each player takes their alloted letters and you have to outsmart your friends by making the best, highest scoring words, the winner is the one with the highest score. You get loads of word tiles, four tile holders and the board is set out just like on the app with double and triple word scores so you will feel right at home.