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Unlike most of WowWee robots, Robopanda does not have a remote control. Rather, it solely operates using its built in touch and IR sensors. It will ask you to do something, such as giving it a high five, and then launch into a story related to whatever you did to interact with it.

Referred to as "The first true robotic arthropod," Roboquad is one of the 5 that announced at in January 2007. It is a 4-legged robot that somewhat resembles a and a . Also designed by , the Roboquad, like other WowWee robots, has multiple , awareness of its surroundings, some behaviour and can be controlled via a .

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    Like other WowWee robots, the Roboquad has multiple 'personalities' which are dubbed 'States'. Those states are State of Awareness, State of and State of Activity, and they can each be set to low, medium or high. In the state, it spends more time scanning its surroundings. When its Aggression state is increased, its behaviour simulates anger and aggression and finally the higher the Activity state, the further and faster the Roboquad will wander.

    On the show floor of the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show, there are all sorts of gadgets and toys that catch your eye. Many of these are robots, like the ones developed by WowWee Robotics.

    WowWee's robots include the Robosapian, the RoboRaptor, and the Robopet. Each one is an intelligent robot that can react to the world around them, as well as respond to controls.