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"Way back before all this women's wrestling happened for us back in 2007, people would always tell me that fans don't want to watch women's wrestling. I always refused to believe that. I could have listened to all these people who were my friends and other fans who thought they didn't want to see it because they had a perception of what women's wrestling was. I always believed and I was always passionate about women's wrestling. I think the fans at the time saw us deliver and felt our passion. I always tried to think about why I wasn't connecting with the fans in my early WWE days, and there were a lot of aspects to that at the time. Maybe I didn't have a great story line, maybe I just wasn't relatable, but I feel like ultimately in this business I connected with the fans because they felt my passion for this business. We shared that passion for wrestling. I am so glad that they appreciated everything from the beginning. Like the feud I had with Awesome Kong, they were the reason it was such a success. Yes, we took the ball and ran with it, but they truly believed in it. It took a long time for women's wrestling to come this far since looking back at 2007. Now in 2016, the strides women's wrestling has taken is great. I have said this in other interviews because people see us as competitive with WWE girls, but I support them. I want them to have that opportunity and the stage I never got to have back then. I can appreciate how bad they want it. When I see them accomplish what their dreams are it's an unbelievable feeling. I know what it feels like and I want that for them as well."

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