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On the August 16, 2010 episode of , then-champions ( and ) were awarded a new physical representation of championship belts, signifying the consolidation of the unified titles to one championship. WWE confirmed via their website that these tag team titles would succeed the retiring World Tag Team Championship as WWE's only tag team championship. All title history after August 16, 2010 ceased for the World Tag Team Championship while the WWE Tag Team Championship's linage continued.

On , 2007, SmackDown! and announced a talent sharing agreement, where wrestlers of either brand could appear on both shows. From then on, the title had been featured and defended on both brands. The titles first prominently appeared on ECW after began an eight-month-long reign on November 16, 2007. On April 5, 2009 at , WWE Tag Team Champions ( and ) defeated World Tag Team Champions to both titles into what WWE referred to as the "Unified WWE Tag Team Championship."

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After the in World Wrestling Entertainment, the and became the only titles allowed to be defended on both the and brands, while the remaining titles became exclusive to either brand. During a period of open free agency, the Tag Team Champions were signed to appear and defend the title on the Raw brand. The became exclusive to the Raw brand, leaving the SmackDown! brand without a tag team title. As a result, , introduced the new "WWE Tag Team Championship" and commissioned it to be the tag team title for the SmackDown! brand. She stated that the inaugural champions would be determined from an eight-team tournament. On , 2002, the team of and defeated and at in the tournament final to become the first ever WWE Tag Team Champions.

2. Kofi Kingston and Big E (w/Xavier Woods) vs. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows for the WWE Tag Team Championship. The match was joined in progress. New Day had the early advantage, but Gallows chokeslammed Kingston and got a two count going into the break.