WWE World Tag Team Championship May 2002 – October 14, 2002

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It’s never a good sign when Michael Cole starts keeping track of how many days you’ve been champion. It’s worse when the champions do it themselves. Over the last few weeks we’ve been made abundantly clearly that New Day are the longest reigning WWE World Tag Team champions. As of right now they are a victory away from reaching day No. 400. That’s a nice round number…assuming they can get there at Clash of Champions.

Here we go again. This has now become a running joke. Every month the New Day defend their tag team championships, every month I pick against them. Why stop now. Since coming over from New Japan, it’s been preordained that the former Bullet Club members would eventually capture the WWE World Tag Team Championship. Now should be the time. If not now, then when? Despite how popular the New Day are, they need to drop the titles. The New Day gimmick will survive without the tag team straps. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, on the other hand, need to hold the tag team titles. Gallows and Anderson, with AJ Styles by their side, came into the federation with huge momentum after their stint in New Japan. If they don’t win the tag team championships, I fear that Gallows and Anderson may quickly become just another team then becoming the cornerstone tag team of the division on RAW. So for the, what seems like, millionth time in a row, I am picking the New Day to finally drop the WWE Tag Team championships. WINNER: LUKE GALLOWS and KARL ANDERSON

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World Tag Team Championship
Date established 1971
Date retired August 16, 2010
Promotion World Wrestling Entertainment
Other name(s)
  • WWWF World Tag Team Championship
  • WWF World Tag Team Championship
  • WWF Tag Team Championship
  • WWE World Tag Team Championship
  • Unified WWE Tag Team Championship

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