Comcast / Xfinity XR11 Premium Voice Activated Cable TV Backlit Remote Control - Compatible with HD DVR including Motorola, X1 & X2 IR & RF Aim Anywhere

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Can you program X1 remote to use home theater?

PHILADELPHIA – May 29, 2013 – Comcast, a global media and technology company, announced today that it has enhanced its X1 Remote iPhone app with voice control. Now, customers can use voice commands to access the X1 platform guide, giving them more ways to discover content, including changing channels by network name, searching for program titles, sports teams and actors, as well as browsing various categories in the Xfinity On Demand menu.

Voice control on the X1 Remote App is now available for iPhone users who subscribe to Xfinity TV on the X1 platform. Engineers and developers in Comcast Labs are also working on voice control features for Android phones and for traditional remote controls.

Can you program X1 remote to use home theater?

Can you program X1 remote to use home theater?

The X1 Remote app first launched in mid-2012, giving X1 customers the ability to control the TV, navigate Xfinity On Demand choices, search for programs and tune to TV shows and movies directly from their iPhones. In addition to uniting the TV screen with customers' mobile devices, the latest version adds the ability to issue voice commands for guide navigation and content discovery. For example, users can say "When is the next Phillies game?" or "Show me all action movies on HBO."

"Voice control on the X1 Remote App is one of the ways we're continuing to change the dynamic of the traditional remote control while providing a seamless experience between the TV and customers' devices," said Charlie Herrin, Senior Vice President of Product Design and Development for Comcast Cable. "This feature lets customers get to the content they want to watch in fewer steps than it would take with a traditional remote control by simply saying what they want to do instead of translating that into a series of remote control button
presses. The X1 platform we've built and cloud services on our network are enabling us to deliver innovative, real-time updates like this to consumers faster than ever."