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Did you know that can be connected via to a for wireless access to the Internet and Xbox Live? Follow these instructions to set up the Xbox or Xbox 360 connections to a These instructions assume the wireless router is already installed with a working Internet connection.

GodzIvan strikes again, this time with a diagram which simply write protects the NAND flash in the Xbox 360 by connecting WP to ground pin (if the flash type has different pinout, just find the datasheet to locate WP). This modification does not stop the ban from M$, but it prevents deletion of the HD installation certificates required by games which means you can still install them on the hard drive. In order to update the kernel this mod must be disabled; a simple switch solution comes to mind.

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    Some of our readers report that their Xbox 360 connection works well except when other Wi-Fi devices are running on the and ​the Internet. interference can cause Wi-Fi devices to perform sluggishly or lose connection, particularly when running on the 2.4 GHz band. To confirm and avoid this problem, experiment with or by relocating nearby wireless equipment further away from the console.

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