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Included in the Xbox One Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle for $499.99 (suggested retail price) is the 1TB Xbox One console and Xbox One wireless controller, each designed with highly detailed Sentintel Task Force iconography. The amazing effects of this design are especially apparent in the controller, pictured below. Microsoft also packed in a standard Xbox One headset, power supply and HDMI cable in the box.

Microsoft is stressing that the Xbox One Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle is a limited edition so when it’s gone this holiday season, it’s gone for good. Pre-orders are available at the .

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Core, which is based in a desert in an area where the ruins of a nuclear fusion plant now lie,
Second is the close quarter combat, futuristic map, Urban.
The third map is Sideshow. Located at an abandoned motel, this map will scare you and excite you as you try to avoid the bombs thrown at you by a huge, over watching clown.
Finally, you head towards a snowy ski resort up in the Rocky Mountains where you are caught up in all-out-firefight on the last map called . For more information on how to purchase these four new maps then contact Xbox or call Xbox Live on 08435 04 8786.
If you have had enough of multiplayer for the time being, then you can enjoy the re-designed game mode, Exo Zombies. Based upon Treyarch’s fan favourite game mode, zombies, Sledgehammer has created their own breed of zombies. They have adapted zombies to fit in with the Advanced Warfare time era and play style creating a complete new experience for all users to enjoy. To purchase this DLC or if you have any problems with the DLC then contact Xbox Live on .