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Kinect for Xbox One is increasing the number of tools available to developers looking to integrate the device into their games. Those unique integrations are being revealed as more details emerge from various studios and designers. This page not only contains a List of Xbox One Kinect Games, but also documents how Kinect is used in each title.

The Kinect has changed the way users control media on their television sets and it has also evolved the way many play games with a growing library of Kinect-enabled games now available on Xbox One that allow for gamers to play with their entire body as opposed to just a controller. Here’s a list of some of the better Kinect games on Xbox One accompanied by a mini-review and personal thoughts on each release. It’s by no means a complete list of Xbox One Kinect games but it is a good example of the variety of experiences available and a great place to get started.

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Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox One