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If I don't have you baby I would rather be on my own

That is why you should record each and every special moment that takes place in the first year of your baby’s life, since this way, you will be in a better position to recall them. When your baby becomes an adult, both of you can have a great laugh going through the records. Here are a few tips that you should definitely use when preparing your memory book.

As we all know, babies go through tremendous changes within the first year of their lives, with the most noticeable change taking place with their bodies. Each and every thing that you teach your baby during this period will be remembered by them when they grow up and become an adult. At the same time, several moments and events will occur in the first year of your baby’s life that you will definitely cherish for the rest of your life. These will make wonderful memories.

Try these massage strokes to calm and connect with you baby.

I will baby
you will baby
he/she/it will baby
we will baby
you will baby
they will baby

Here's help to hush your little baby.

Baby I Love You (Baby... I Love You Baby)*Baby I Love You (Baby... Rolling thru the Shaw)Baby I Love You (Baby... Westside)Baby I Love You (I love you baby)Late nite creeping down the blvd,Rolli

When your baby falls asleep on your chest, the warm feeling you get makes you feel very relaxed and tranquil, making you forget all the troubles in your life. When your baby falls sound asleep while being in your arms, it means that they find your presence very secure and comforting. One thing that nearly all of us never take into consideration is the fact that the first time your baby opens their eyes, the first beings that they look for are their parents. Later on, your baby becomes familiar with your faces and smiles every time you are around.