Yvolution Y Glider 3 in 1 Stage 3 Pink

Yvolution Y Glider Neon Scooter, Pink


Yvolution Y Glider 3-in-1 Scooter

Overall, the Yvolution Y Glider is a smart, fun, durable, smooth-riding scooter that is easy to maintain. My family and I enjoy it and are looking into purchasing a Velo Balancing Bike in the future!" —Angill N.

With all the requests for product videos, we thought that we should create our own designed to help you use our products and also, see our products in action. After all, if a picture says a thousand words, then a video will express much more. Sit back and enjoy the video

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About the Yvolution YGlider - perfect first scooter for beginning riders! Ages 2-5yrs old.

Three wheel scooter
Unique "Lean to Steer" method that is inline for their developmental stage
Helps develop critical balance and coordination skills
Wide deck for stable riding
PU casted wheels for extra durability
Light weight solid aluminum handle bar - removable for easy travel and storage
Easy touch rear brake for safe and easy stopping

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About Yvolution:

At Yvolution, we were kids once, too. We remember it as a golden time of good, healthy, outdoor fun. Without a handset in sight. So, with our love of toys like go-karts that put smiles on kiddies’ faces and wind in their hair, we all ended up in the outdoor toys industry.

We imported toys and it was all going rather well. But, deep down, we had this crazy desire to develop our own. We wanted to control our own destiny and launch products our way.

In 2009, we were reborn with even more wind in our hair and a new dream of working with a design company to sell their new ‘balance’ bikes around the world. We started co-designing some nice products with them and feeding back on other product ideas.

At last, we had our little fingers firmly wrapped around the handlebars of the industry and, in 2011, we launched in over 40 countries and spanning the Globe from the US to Korea. In 2012, we came out with a shiny new brand and went global. Pull up a chair, put the kettle on and see how we get on.

Yvolution – Life Through Motion – Scooter that grow with your child and develop their motor, balance and co-ordination skills.

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  • Yvolution Y Glider XL - Red/Black
      $83.01   $75.46 USD  

  • Yvolution Y Glider 3 in 1 - Pink Scooter | 33040 | Kidstuff

    We tried the Yvolution Y Glider XL with T who is 6 years old. This scooter is suitable for kids from age 5+ and is a great first scooter for children who are still getting to grips with scooting, as it’s unique “lean to steer” method makes it easier for them. This method is more natural and developmentally in line with the motor skills of young children.

    The Yvolution Y Glider has been designed with a unique steering mechanism and is a great way to get the beginner scooter to learn how to steer correctly. The handlebar is made from aluminium and is removable for quick and easy storage and the soft rubber hand grips make it comfy to hold on to as you steer around the roads.