Each package contains two Zuppies.

Zoomer Zuppies do a lot and there is a lot to love about them….

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Zoomer Zuppies TV Spot, 'Zuppy Love'

Our Zoomer Zuppy is Candy. She is adorable and pink. There is nothing better than a pink, interactive dog for a Little One. Candy responds to touch and the amount of attention that she receives. Candy has interactive games, plays music, and can do tricks.

Zoomer Zuppies are recommended for ages 5 and up. I agree with this age ranking if you wish to have your child play with their Zuppy on their own. I think that a child that is 4 years old would enjoy a Zuppy a lot, but might require a parent’s assistance in using all her features and functions.

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Zuppy is smaller in size compared to the popular Zoomer. Here is a photo of our Zoomer and our Zuppy side by side so that you can see the size difference. It is clear that the Zuppy is smaller and really made to resemble a puppy.

If you are looking for an interactive, cute puppy and you are okay that it does not move around on its own, then you have to check out the Zuppies.